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Moskovskaya Vodka поменяла дистрибутора в Великобритании

Cellar Trends будет управлять всеми продажами, дистрибуцией и маркетингом для Moskovskaya Vodka – одной из старейших русских водок на рынке Великобритании.


Ранее дистрибудией занималась Hi-Spirits company.

Сделка произошла в прошлом месяце в результате приобретения компанией Amber Beverage Group стратегического пакета акций Cellar Trends.

Стоимость сделки не разглашается, но обе стороны заявили, что управление и операционный контроль Cellar Trends остались у семьи Уоттс и Марриотт (Watts and Marriott families) продолжат возглавлять бизнес как мажоритарные акционеры.


Original news:


Cellar Trends will take over all sales, distribution and marketing for Moskovskaya – one of the oldest Russian vodka brands – in the UK from 3 July, taking over from Hi-Spirits.


The deal was agreed following Latvia-based Amber Beverage Group’s acquisition of a strategic stake in Cellar Trends last month.

The value of the deal was not disclosed, but both parties have stated that the management and operational control of Cellar Trends remained unchanged with the Watts and Marriott families continuing to lead the business as majority shareholders.

“Moskovskaya offers quality combined with a rich heritage at a great price point, so we are confident that this will appeal to our customers,” said Terry Barker, sales and marketing director at Cellar Trends. “We are looking forward to working with the Amber Beverage Group to take Moskovskaya’s brand awareness and demand in the UK to the next level.”

Currently, Moskovskaya is available in more than 60 markets globally, with sales of more than 350,000 nine-litre cases.

In February this year, Moskovskaya Vodka unveiled its first limited edition bottle design as it celebrated volume gains in 2016.


Source: The Spirits Business

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