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International tasting competition ‘Baltic International Spirits Navigator Competition’

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are happy to announce  the international tasting competition ‘Baltic International Spirits Navigator Competition’ that will take place in Riga on September 9, (Krisjana Barona 136f, Riga LV-1012, Latvia)

The founder of the competition is «BISNC» is the London based Spirits Navigator Limited.

BISNC will be jointly held by the Водочный редакторЪ www.vodka–redactor.org (Vodka Editor, Kyiv, Ukraine) and the International Museum of Vodka (Riga, Latvia) – one private Vodka Museum in Europe.

The international tasting competition «Baltic International Spirits Navi Competition» is to identify the best brands of vodka within all the pricing segments and help promote them on the market.

Participation is open for vodkas, special vodkas, fruit-infused vodkas, bitter infusions and balsams prepared in accordance with the technological requirements in the country of production, produced on a scale of at least 1000 bottless.

Samples can be submitted by the producing companies, official importers, distributors, off- and on-trade companies.

A special Expert Tasting Commission (ETC) and Organization Committee (OC) are being created specially for the competition. The ETC will be evaluating the samples in a blind tasting in presence of the independent observers from consumer group and media representatives. The results of the evaluation will be the basis for Nomination awards.  The Organization Committee defines the terms and procedure for all the competition events, funds the organizes the competition and represents the competition when interacting with external organizations and media, creates partership packages and is in charge of the partner agreements as well as identifies the members of the ETC.

The evaluation of the samples will be performed based on the international rating scale of 10 points. The tasting competition will be held in accordance with the criteria of the international organizations.

The samples required for the competition: 4 bottles, but not less than 2L of total volume. The samples are non-refundable and won’t be returned after the competiton.

To apply for participation and submit the sample please contact the OC by emails info@vodka-redactor.org and alex.antonenko@vodka-redactor.org

The samples (at least 4 bottles not less than 2 liters total volume) can be sent to the following address:  Krisjana Barona 136f, Riga LV-1012, Latvia

Samples must be provided with the complete branded packaging and all the required documentation (please see other attachments). Price of partifipation of 30 EUR/sample (without advertising support). Brand visual advertising in the location of the competition is 100 EUR

Calendar competition:

2016/08/01 – 2016/08/31 – Sample application submission/Registration of the participants

2016/08/01 – 2016/09/07 – Sample submission

2016/09/09 – Tasting by the ETC

2016/09/09 – Awarding of the winners


Download .doc Baltic-International-Spirits-Navi-Competition.doc

Download .doc Basic-terms-of-Competition.doc

Download .doc SampleRegistrationForm.doc

Download .doc Tasting-List-BISNC.doc


Best Regards,

Competition Organizers

e-mail: info@vodka-redactor.org