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Мечты технолога

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Суровая реальность

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307 Vodka отмечает своё первое за 99 лет затмение

Backwards Distilling выпустила Eclipse Edition своей 307 Vodka и отметить этим первое в собственной истории затмение, которое можно наблюдать из родного Вайоминга (Wyoming).


Eclipse Edition – это “одноразовая” специальная партия, выпущенная в честь солнечного затмения 21 августа для проведения События  «Solar Eclipse Watch Party»…


Original news:


Backwards Distilling has released an Eclipse Edition of its 307 Vodka to mark the first total solar eclipse visible from its native Wyoming in 99 years.


Eclipse Vodka is “one-time special release” produced for the astronomical event on 21 August, and for the distillery’s Solar Eclipse Watch Party which will mark the occasion.

307 Vodka takes its name from the distillery’s telephone area code and is made from scratch in Wyoming from Rocky Mountain water and locally-grown corn and beet sugar.

The “smooth and mild” vodka is said to offer a “slightly sweet grain profile” and a “luscious finish”, and is suitable for mixing and drinking on its own.

Eclipse Edition is priced at US$21 for a 750ml bottle and can be shipped across the US from The Liquor Store. The vodka is also available locally from The Liquor Store.

The Solar Eclipse Watch Party takes place at Backwards Distillery from 11am to 4pm, with distillery tours, live music by Inda Eaton, food and Eclipse Edition cocktails on offer.


Source: The Spirits Business

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