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Ультра-премиальный водочный бренд CIROC анонсировал лимитированную серию летней бутылки

Ultra-premium vodka CIROC выпустил лимитированную серию “customizable” летней бутылки, с дизайном, “позаимствованным” в летнем бассейе.


Созданная для курортов, баров или клубов, персонализированная бутылка должна использовать растущий потребительский спрос на “bespoke products”.

Дизайн бутылки Cyrroc Summer Limited Edition создан для кампании #OnArrival, которая “celebrates the hottest people and places of the moment”.

Идея мозаичного дизайна – мотивация онлайн аудитории делиться фото бутылки в сетях, для ивеличения узнаваимости бренда.

“Персонализация” все чаще используется в качестве специального “приема” – ожидается, что к 2021 году рынок достигнет 30 миллиардов долларов США.


The original post:


Ultra-premium vodka brand Cîroc has launched a limited edition customizable summer bottle inspired by the mosaic tiles found in a swimming pool.


Created with the option for destinations, resorts, bars or clubs to personalise the bottle, the design aims to tap into growing consumer demand for bespoke products.

The Cîroc Summer Limited Edition Design bottle builds on the brand’s #OnArrival campaign, which “celebrates the hottest people and places of the moment”.

The mosaic design also illuminates at night to stand out in a dark nightclub environment.

“The new Summer Limited Edition Design bottle has been created as a unique memento or gift for consumers to capture and share their summer celebration moments,” said Cîroc global reserve brand director Samantha Reader.

“It should also encourage those experiencing the bottle to share their Cîroc moments on social media, building brand recognition and driving awareness.

“Personalisation is increasingly being used as a special add-on for gifting – a market expected to reach US$30 billion globally by 2021.

“Tailoring a product to the local market is just one mark of the brand’s commitment to offering differentiation to our customers as we continue to drive innovation within the ultra-premium vodka sector.”

The Cîroc Summer Limited Edition Design bottle is available in more than 20 locations including popular hotspots such as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Punta del Este, Uruguay; Cape Town, South Africa; and London airports in the UK.


The source: The Spirits Business

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