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Мечты технолога

Мечты технолога

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Суровая реальность

Суровая реальность

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Ортодоксальный взгляд

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Synergy анонсирует корпоративный ребрендинг, как Beluga Group.

Synergy меняет свое “имя” на BELUGA GROUP, с целью укрепления своих международных позиций.


Ребренд реализован в рамках новой «глобальной стадии развития» компании, которая предусматривает «обеспечения целостности» своего имиджа среди целевых аудиторий, «обновить» свою корпоративную культуру и укрепить рыночные позиции.

Группа, продает свою водку в более чем 70 странах на пяти континентах, стремится продолжить расширение как своих импортных, так и экспортных предприятий и увеличить премиальный ассортимент своего портфеля.

Как Beluga Group, компания также стремится поддерживать и развивать свою репутацию «надежного и привлекательного» работодателя и строить «более эффективные» внешние и внутренние коммуникации.


Original news:


Synergy unveils corporate rebrand as Beluga Group.


Synergy, said to be the largest spirits group in Russia, has changed its name to Beluga Group as the company sets out to strengthen its position as an international business.

The rebrand has been implemented as part of the company’s new “global development stage”, which sets out to “ensure the integrity” of its image among target audiences, “refresh” its corporate culture and strengthen its market positions.

The group, which sells products in more than 70 countries across five continents, is to continue the expansion of both its import and export businesses, and increase the premium assortment of its brand portfolio.

As Beluga Group, the company also seeks to maintain and develop its reputation as a “reliable and attractive” employer and build “more effective” external and internal communications.

“We are moving forward rapidly and transforming from a Russian spirits group into an international player in the market of strong alcohol beverages under the title Beluga Group,” said CEO of Synergy, Alexander Mechetin.

“With an updated brand, we intend not only to increase the recognition of the company and its products, but also to bring the corporate culture to a new level, to strengthen self-identification of employees with the name of the group.

“Moreover, we will further strengthen our relations with foreign and domestic partners, as well as positions in Russia and abroad in the conditions of growing competition.

“I would also like to note that with Beluga Group we will be able to promote our values more effectively and focus not only on the premium aspect of the company, but also on the quality that is at the highest level regardless of the category and brand segment.

“I am sure that the new name will positively influence further dynamic development of the group, creating additional opportunities for the growth of the business as a whole.”

The strategy and structure, management of business processes, and organisational and legal form of the company remain unchanged.

Beluga Group’s key brands are Beluga, Veda, Myagkov, Belenkaya, Russian Ice and Gosudarev Zakaz vodkas, and Golden Reserve brandy.


Source: The Spirits Business


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