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В середине июня в Риохе, на севере Испании, откроется новая винодельня и погреб, где будут производиться вина Макан (Macán wines).


Это событие — результат усилий пятнадцатилетнего сотрудничества между двумя знаменитыми винодельческими семьями. Первый этап в создании Bodegas Benjamin de Rothschild & Vega Sicilia занял семь лет, за которые были приобретены более 100 га виноградников у 70 винодельческих хозяйст…


Оригинальный текст:

Rothschild And Álvarez Families Are Launching A New Winery In Rioja.

In mid-June a new winery building, or bodega, will open in Rioja in northern Spain and house the production of Macán wines. This official opening marks a milestone after a decade and a half of focused collaboration between two renowned winemaking families. The first step in creating Bodegas Benjamin de Rothschild & Vega Sicilia took seven years, when more than 100 hectares of vines were discreetly purchased from 70 owners.

This coordinated feat was brokered by a group of Madrid lawyers and orchestrated by Baroness Ariane de Rothschild—who presides over the Edmond de Rothschild Executive Committee in Geneva, and Pablo Álvarez—CEO of Vega Sicilia wines.

The foremost consideration in this project is to produce high quality wines.

“Pablo and I discussed where we should do this and decided most definitely Rioja,” Baroness Rothschild said. “He felt very strongly about the quality of the soil and the potential to create a new, very upscale wine. We thought it was a very interesting challenge to deliver yet another highly prestigious wine, starting from scratch. We are working on quality, not volume.”

Vines were selected according to specific criteria: they should grow in calcareous soils and be at least 35 years old. Optimal vines and a location for the new bodega were eventually selected northwest of the city of Logroño at the southern base of the Sierra de Cantabria peaks.

While vines were still being purchased, a temporary winemaking facility was rented and the first vintage was produced in 2009. At that time the wine name still had to be finalized. Many potential names were screened out as being too difficult to pronounce in languages other than Spanish. Finally, from the nickname of the local people in the town of San Vicente de la Sonsierra came Macán—simple to pronounce and inextricably grounded in the local culture.

“It was very important to be very connected to this region,” Baroness Rothschild said.

In this misty land of hilltop castles and low-fissured valleys the bodega is located at 2,100 feet (650 meters) above sea level in the higher vineyard reaches of Rioja. Because the terrain is close to protected natural lands, incorporated environmental measures include a lack of fencing (to allow the passage of wildlife), restrictions on light and sound and the exclusive use of indigenous vegetation for winery landscaping.


The source: www.forbes.com

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