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Мечты технолога

Мечты технолога

(декларируемое описание производителя)

Суровая реальность

Суровая реальность

(профессиональная дегустационная оценка)

Ортодоксальный взгляд

Ортодоксальный взгляд

(развернутая оценка)



(ощущения до, во время, после)

The results of the BALTIC INTERNATIONAL SPIRITS NAVIGATOR COMPETITION, September 9, 2016, Rigas International Museum of Vodka.


Country: Latvia

Owner: Spirits Navigator Ltd.

Manufacturer: Vodka’s editor, Rigas International Museum of Vodka

Trademark: International Baltic Spirits Navi® Competition




As it was previously declaimed, ‘Baltic International Spirits Navi® Competitionis’ the first professional-consumer contest of vodkas, special vodkas, bitter infusions and balsams. It’s main difference from other similar events is that professional manufacturers, experts in distilled beverage and consumers,too,take part in the experiment equally. Total collective mark allows us to mark not only the “clean” quality of the product objectively but also it’s consumer characteristics that are called by a term in professional surrounding – “drinkability”. It is not a secret, that some kinds of vodka that own all conceivable and inconceivable award and demonstrate blameless quality, however, have lower indexes of popularity in total amount of product fans.

An effort in connecting together opinions of technologists, experts, marketers and, in fact, consumers was undertaken during the competition.


DREAMS OF THE TECHNOLOGIST (declaimed characteristics of the manufacturer):

In fact, 84 vodkas took part in the general program, taking into account the samples that were preselected and specimens, that were provided by ‘Rigas International Museum of Vodka’. On this stage direct tastings with the declared samples were held. But only 40 (42) vodkas passed to the conditional final not because of their quality, but in result of its organizational and technical details (registration of accompanying documents, etc.).


THE HARSH REALITY ( professional tasting mark ):

In total, more than 20 people were participated in the marking of the product, taking into account the public jury. And if the viewer’s jury was able to select the samples with which they had to work, the professional part of the jury  tasted all samples without exception in the “blind” format.


ORTHODOX VIEWS (detailed editorial evaluation, according to the standard scale):

The structure of the jury included Lukasz Golebiewski (international expert, Redaktor naczelny in Aqua Vitae and Prezes in Biblioteka Analiz Sp. z o.o., Founder в Spirits.com.pl, Warsaw, Poland), Ernests Otomers (main technologist Moonshine AKMENLAUZIS, Riga, Latvia), Sergey Shevyrev (Professional Taster, Founder/Editor in “Водочный редакторЪ” (“Vodka’s editor”) , Kiev, Ukraine). An Expert Committee was headed by Igor Ristolainen (Cofounder в Rigas International Museum of Vodka, Riga, Latvia). Also in its composition were included Alexander Antonenko, (Founder/Editor in “Водочный редакторЪ” (“Vodka’s editor”), Kiev, Ukraine), Leonard F. Yankelovich (Founder and Owner в Rigas International Museum of Vodka Riga, Latvia) and Arvo Touminen (famous Finnish journalist in Yleisradio Oy, documentary, publicist and biker).


AMATEUR CHRONICLERS (feeling before, during, after):

The main criteria of marking the quality of the sample were degustation and visual characteristics. The price is not the determining factor, as tastings were  conducted mostly in the blind way. Marks were formened with the use of this  principle:


The color, from 0 to 2

The fragrance, from 0 to 4

The taste, from 0 to 4


In appliance with the achieved marks, samples that took part in the competition were placed on this report card


9.2 – 9.4 – Bronze Medal

9.4 – 9.6 – Silver Medal

9.6 – 9.8 – Gold Medal

9.8 – 10 – Double Gold




№ Name of sample – Award
1 Akmenlauzis Акменлаузис Водка – Double Gold
2 Baltic Potatoe Vodka Болтик Водка – Double Gold
3 Chase Marmolade Чейз Мармелад Водка – Double Gold
4 Khlibnyi Dar Classic Хлебный Дар Водка – Double Gold
5 Лавка традиций Грушовица Напиток крепкий (СТМ Фоззи Групп) – Double Gold
6 Inveraray Premium Etalon Премиум Эталон Водка – Double Gold
7 Kremlyovskaya Кремлевская Водка – Double Gold
8 Riga Black Рига Блэк Водка – Double Gold
9 Belrose Ultra Premium Белроуз Ультра Премиум Водка – Gold
10 Hello Premium Хеллоу Премиум Водка – Gold
11 Jelzin Ельцин Водка – Gold
12 Mary White Vodka Мэри Уайт Водка – Gold
13 Prime Fito Прайм Фито Водка – Gold
14 Sklyanka Ice water Склянка на талой воде Водка – Gold
15 Snow Queen Vodka – Gold
16 Staritsky & Levitsky Reserve Старицкий и Левицкий Резерв Водка – Gold
17 Stolichnaya Elit Столичная Элит Водка – Gold
18 Eden Ultra Premium Эден Водка – Gold
19 Deus Vodka Дэус Водка – Gold
20 Distil N9 Дистил N9 Водка – Gold
21 Khortytsa Platinum Хортица Платинум Водка – Gold
22 Prime Superior Прайм Супериор Водка – Gold
23 Prime Wourld Class Прайм Уолд Класс Водка – Gold
24 Stolichnaya Original Столичная Водка – Gold
25 Arthur Metz Poire Williams – Gold
26 Grape Gold Vodka Грейп Голд Водка – Gold
27 Hello Extra Хеллоу Экстра Водка – Gold
28 Idea Classic Идея Классик Водка – Gold
29 Sklyanka Wheat Склянка Пшеничная Водка – Gold
30 Taina Smily Тайна Смелы Водка – Gold
31 Дядькивська настоянки Укроп Настойка горькая – Gold
32 Лавка традиций Виноградная Напиток крепкий (СТМ Фоззи Групп) – Gold
33 Губерния дворянская Водка особая – Gold
34 Дух царей Настойка горькая – Gold
35 Дядькивська настоянки Петрушка Настойка горькая – Gold
36 Лавка традиций Абрикосовка Напиток крепкий (СТМ Фоззи Групп) – Gold
37 Balzam Sumy Special Product Бальзам Сумы – Silver
38 Истинна Пшенична Класична Водка – Silver
39 Малиновка Святкова Водка – Silver
40 Teliani Valley Телиани Вели Чача – Silver
41 Yellow & Blue Vodka Желтый и Голубой Водка – Silver
42 Сливовица Украинская Напиток крепкий плодовый – Silver