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Hayman’s Gin возвращает производство в Лондон

Hayman’s Gin переносит своё производство из Witham, Essex, обратно в Лондон, где бренд начинал свою историю более 150 лет назад.


Событие — результат многолетних усилий семьи Хейман (Hayman) по ‘переносу’ дистиллирии обратно в английскую столицу.

Новая дистиллирия будет размещаться на Balham High Road, South West London, в здании кирпичного склада, после «существенной реконструкции»…


В оринигале:

Hayman’s Gin to move distilling back to London.

Hayman’s Gin is to relocate its distilling operations from Witham, Essex, back to London, where the family-run brand began production more than 150 years ago.

The move marks the completion of the Hayman family’s “long-held ambition” to move distillation back to the English capital.

The distillery will be based on Balham High Road, South West London, in a period brick warehouse that has received “substantial refurbishment”. It will also feature a training area and consumer events space. Production is scheduled to start in autumn 2017.

“I’ve made no secret over the years of my ambition to move distillation of our range of English gins back to London,” said Christopher Hayman, head of Hayman’s Gin.

“After several years of growth and continued interest in our story, I’m delighted we’re now at the stage where this has become a real possibility.

“The increased capacity of the new site will allow us to share our range of traditional English gins with ever more people both at home in the UK and with our many friends and partners all around the world.”

Jonathan Gibson, Compass Box’s former head of marketing, has joined Hayman’s Gin as brand director to manage the site and lead the development of the brand in the UK and overseas.

James Hayman, who works alongside his father, Christopher, added: “We have spent the last 18 months searching for the right building to house our new distillery. We are thrilled to be moving back to London, which fulfils a conversation Dad and I had back in 2004.

“This will be more than a distillery for us – it is a home that allows us to entertain, to educate and to share our family’s on-going passion for distilling English gin the traditional way.”

The site will be located less than four miles from the distillery first launched in 1863 by Christopher’s great- grandfather, James Burrough.

In 2013, Hayman Distillers moved distillation in-house from London-based third party producer Thames Distillers.


The source: www.thespiritsbusiness.com

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