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Division Automobile Riga Tank Zavod – or Dartz – is rapidly becoming Top Gear’s favourite purveyor.

Division Automobile Riga Tank Zavod – or Dartz – is rapidly becoming Top Gear’s favourite purveyor of outlandishly excellent machinery.


Here, may we present the steering wheel from its upcoming Prombon ‘Black Alligator; a car based on the Mercedes-AMG GLS63, and no doubt modified to within an inch of its herculean life.

We’ll have more details on that car very soon – and its brother, the Black Shark – but for now, we can tell you many things about the steering wheel from the Alligator, which becomes one of the world’s most expensive steering wheels.

And they are amazing things.

It features ten, 14k gold buttons. It features 18k gold lines with the ‘Widestar’ text (though it has nothing to do with the Brabus Widestar, just a customer request). It features actual Mississippi alligator skin. And some stingray. It features a white gold badge in the middle with 292 diamonds and two rubies. It costs around $30k on its own. And it takes around four weeks to put it all together.

Elsewhere, we can also show you that the key box for the upcoming Prombons – one of which is based on a Brabus GLS – is inspired by a flight data recorder (it’s the orange sphere in the pics above), which itself is cool enough on its own.

We literally can’t wait to see this Black Alligator. And, we suspect, neither can you…

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